There have been no formal controlled trials on taking C60 in olive oil in humans, however many people around the world have taken C60 since the publication of the Baati study and to our knowledge no significant carbon 60 side effects have been reported.

The Baati et al study, conducted in Paris and published in 2012, aimed at determining the toxicity of C60. The study did not discover any harmful effects. In the RevGenetics interview with Professor Moussa of Paris University, who has over 20 years of experience with C60, when asked about any dangers of taking carbon 60, he said there was no problem with unmodified C60 (in the absence of polar solvents). 

"Pure C60 is not toxic, this is absolutely sure..."

Professor Moussa

You may have read reports of the dangers of taking carbon 60 but these are nothing to do with carbon C60 in olive oil. These reports relate to C60 suspensions in water and water soluble fullerenol C60(OH)24 which is completely different.

Is it safe to take C60 in olive oil if I am pregnant or planning to have a baby?

There have been no controlled trials of C60 in olive oil in humans. There is experimental evidence that C60 will cross the placenta and is found in the breast milk in mice injected with C60, so we can be reasonably sure the same would occur in humans. With the current state of knowledge it would not be advisable for women to take C60 in olive oil if they are planning to have a baby, pregnant or breast feeding.

Distribution of carbon-14 labeled C60 ([14C]C60) in the pregnant and in the lactating dam and the effect of C60 exposure on the biochemical profile of urine.

Side effects of taking larger amounts of olive oil 

We also recommend a degree of caution if you are not accustomed to taking oil in this sort of quantity, especially olive oil. This can make some people's bowels looser for a while. So we advise to start slowly with a few milliliters and if you are alright with that gradually increase to 5 and then 10ml a day over a week. 

Once you are sure your system has accommodated to the oil, you can then go for the larger 'loading up' doses. From our experience this does not affect everyone and it mainly concerns olive oil. This may seem over cautious to some but we would rather you have a positive experience throughout.

One of the C60 oil side effects you might experience is the peppery flavor of the oil. Good quality olive oils are high in polyphenols which are what give it the peppery taste. You can take your C60 oil in juice or a smoothy or just take it neat. Watch our video for serving suggestions.

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