Advantages of taking C60

Free radicals are naturally produced by the body, it is part of life. Inside each cell there are mini power plants called mitochondria that produce the body's energy and like any power station emit 'pollution,' part of which are free radicals. 

As with many natural processes this isn't necessarily a problem - the body has coping mechanism. This is part of 'hormetic stress' where the body is exposed to moderate and usually intermittent stress and as a result produces an adaptive response so as to protect the body.

The issue is when these unstable molecules get out of balance. Too many free radicals can damage the body, making injuries worse, aging the body and causing disease. This is oxidative stress, which is at the heart of many disease and aging processes, especially chronic conditions which are so common these days. 

You can help yourself by not smoking or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, by eating a healthy diet with many antioxidants and using sunscreen. The problem in modern life exposes our bodies to an increasing number of toxins in the environment, our food, solar radiation even the low level of radiation from mobile phones and Wi-Fi contribute.

So when the body needs a helping hand it is good to know C60 is the most powerful free radical scavenger known.

As mentioned, you can reduce your exposure to free radicals with a healthier lifestyle, but what about exercise? When you exercise, your body needs more energy and those mitochondria end up working really hard. As a result, they produce many free radicals and your body feels the effects of oxidative stress. The pain and fatigue we feel in our muscles after strenuous exercise has been attributed to free radicals. As oxidative stress tends to get worse as we get older, this results in people starting to lose their strength with age.

So what is C60 and why is it so good? As mentioned antioxidants are beneficial. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and so are many of the other vitamins. One of the reasons they are good for us is because they neutralise free radicals. C60 works against free radicals, in fact it is the most efficient free radical neutraliser known to science. It is known as a free radical sponge, just soaking them and then recharging ready to come back for more. C60 also binds to many different toxins and, therefore, helps neutralise the harmful effects from both inside and outside the body.

Why is C60 taken in edible oils? C60 is insoluble in water but will dissolve and bind to oil. In this way it can be absorbed and can travel through the body and penetrate the cells. It has been found within cell membranes, especially mitochondria, and there it neutralises free radicals as they occur.

Dr. Fathi Moussa, a world leading scientist at C60, who conducted research on the toxicity of C60 for the European Union, said it is completely safe. There have been no reports of people taking too much.

Now that you know what free radicals do to you, why don't you take the world's most powerful antioxidant? You owe it to yourself. This is a new discovery that you could benefit from. Live longer, live better from now on.

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