Arthritis sufferer finds relief

"A better recovery..." 

Dr Steve Moore, the Chief Scientist at interviews Matt who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for many year.  

Matt agreed to take part in a trial of C60 in olive oil to see if and how it affected his condition. He was not paid to take part in the trial or this interview but he was provided with C60 in olive oil at no cost.

We hear from Matt first hand, about how arthritis has affected him and how taking C60 has changed his life and his outlook on the future.  

Matt has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for over 10 years since his mid-20's. It started in his feet and ankle joints giving him pain and mobility problems. His condition has been supervised by his General Practitioner and a hospital specialist. He has taken steroids and powerful immunosuppressive drugs in an attempt to relieve his symptoms and suppress his condition.  

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Matt talks about what it is like when he has a flareup of his rheumatoid which causes him to develops pain and swelling in the joints of his hands and feet. This can sometimes become so bad that he struggles to tie his own shoe laces, dress himself and get up and down the stairs. A flareup can take him several days to subside. 

In the interview Matt says he discussed taking C60 with his hospital Rheumatologist before he started. His specialist was interested and quite enthusiastic for Matt to try C60 and gave him the go ahead. Matt initially started out taking 5ml of C60inOliveOil once a day for about a month. On this initial dose he did not notice any benefits or side effects. As his condition means his body is exposed to quite a lot of oxidative stress we felt he should increase his dose and so he upped the dose to load up and he took 20ml a day. Once he did this, after about 10 days he says he found he had less morning stiffness in his joints. He says was able to get up and out of bed and start his day without much of the previous pain and discomfort. He says he also found he could open a jar of coffee without thinking, whereas before it had been a problem.

Matt says one of his biggest difficulties was with his sleep which was constantly disturbed by pain in his joints. This would really affect him, get him down and meant he was often not his best and tired. Once C60 had started its work reducing his joint pain he says he enjoyed much better sleep and felt better as a result. Matt re-emphasised how he found he was able to get up and get going much sooner than before C60, carrying out his daily routine quicker and without the discomfort he previously suffered.

He says he is now able to help his wife with her horses. He says he is able to bring the horses in from the field which involves walking over rough ground something that would have previously been problematic. Matt mentions a rowing machine which we are aware he bought after he started taking C60, something he would not have considered before. Matt also explains he enjoys car detailing, which involves a lot of polishing, something he can now do for longer and more vigorously than before. He says in the interview the day after detailing would have caused him problems in his hands, wrists, elbows and shoulders. He says he can do more of this and other activities in combination than he could have done before. He says the big thing he has found about taking C60, is he has better recovery from any physical activity. He is now more positive and recommends others in a similar position to him try C60 to see if they too benefit.

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