C60 experience of a Yoga teacher

C60 makes fundamental change at a deep level

Dr Steve Moore Chief Scientist at C60inOliveOil.com interviewed Marc Acquaviva about his experiences of taking C60 in olive oil. 

Marc runs a yoga school in Hove on the south coast of England. 

He agreed to take part in a trial of C60 to assess any effects it had on him. He was not paid to take part in the trial or the subsequent interview but was provided with C60 in oil at no cost to him. 

Marc is attuned to his body and how it feels. He says he noticed some fundamental changes during his course of C60 which you may find interesting. 

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Yoga with Marc 

Marc Acquaviva runs a yoga school and a Facebook group which he promotes through his website Yoga with Marc. He has helped many people achieve a deeper physical and spiritual harmony through yoga, so when Marc bought some of our C60 in olive oil we were keen for him to give us his insights on how C60 affected him and then share this through a video interview.

Marc says he is interested bio hacks, short cut methods that improves your quality of life. He says it occurred to him that C60 might well be one of them and it made sense to give it a try.

He says when he took the 'loading up' dose of C60 he started to find he had more stamina and recovery. 

He says he was doing some building work which involved heavy physical work which he not keen on. He says he dug out the whole of his back garden and was working until he dropped. He says he felt a bit stiff the next morning but after that he was fine which was not his experience even when he was much younger.

Marc also says that after he had been on C60 for a few weeks and he was practicing his yoga in front of the mirror he noticed he had less belly fat. While it is not something that bothers him his research suggested C60 might reduce organ fat and on self examination he feels he has less organ fat and certainly less belly fat.

He says he kept a video log before, during and after taking C60. He says he had been doing hard physical work and multi-tasking in his yoga business. He says he has been able to juggle all this quite easily when normally he much prefers to focus on one thing at a time.

Marc took both C60 in olive oil and avocado oil. He says he prefers the olive oil as he liked the burning sensation the olive oil created in the back of his throat. He says he has been taking the C60 oil mixed with blue green algae and he finds they mix together well which he then adds to kombucha.

Marc says that he wants to continue taking C60 and recommends higher dose loading up to start with. He feels taking C60 has 'changed something fundamental' in him and he feels he has been 'cleared out' at a deep level.

Experience 'loading up' on C60 like Marc 

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