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C60 in oil production process

The C60inOliveOil.com oil comes in 100ml bottles made made using 99.99% pure C60 sourced from the two main C60 manufacturers SES Research in Texas and Solaris Chem in Canada.

The C60 is gently stirred in sealed vessels, in cool dark conditions. The olive oil we use is tested to be extra virgin in a lab certified by the International Olive Council.

A three year study in Australia proved heat, light and oxygen harms olive oil through oxidation. This is why in the Baati et al work, which proved C60 increased longevity, the oil was kept in cool dark conditions. Excessive agitation of the oil will also introduce air and heat into the oil, hence we use magnetic stirrers and keep the oil in glass flasks.

We also source our oil in metal containers and ship the finished product to you in glass. Plastic bottles tend to leak chemicals into their contents and we do not want that for our customers.

SealSafe® bottle inserts

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