Psoriasis sufferer's dramatic improvement

"It was like a miracle"

Dr Steve Moore, the Chief Scientist at, interviews Debbie who has been suffering from psoriasis since she was a teenager. 

Debbie agreed to take part in a trial of C60 in olive oil to see if and how it might affect her painful and embarrassing psoriasis condition. She was not paid to take part in the trial or this interview but she was provided with C60 in olive oil at no cost.

We hear from Debbie first hand, about how psoriasis has affected her and how taking C60 in olive oil has significantly changed her life and her outlook on the future. 

"I would go on Good Morning TV and tell then about it......I tell everyone about it because I'm just amazed"

Debbie Oct 2018

Life as a psoriasis sufferer

Debbie has suffered from a particularly chronic case of psoriasis since she was just 16-years-old. She says no-one else in her family had psoriasis and she had felt like an outsider. She was very embarrassed and felt ashamed of her condition and in desperation, she had even tried to shave it off her skin with a razor.

After a couple of years of having to endure so much pain and discomfort, she finally plucked up enough courage to see her doctor, who told her it was a condition known as psoriasis. She says it had started on her knees and then quickly spread to the backs of her hands, her elbows and her scalp. Continuously scratching her head had made her feel very self-conscious and quite depressed.

She says she used various creams and different shampoos, many prescribed by her doctor but they were all totally ineffective and also, they didn't smell very nice. This only added to her psychological distress.

As her psoriasis seemed to be getting worse, she stopped socialising and would cover up to hide her embarrassment. She felt uncomfortable even being around her own family members, although they were very supportive.

Many of the treatments for psoriasis are steroid based creams, which can have unpleasant side effects including thinning and altered pigmentation of the skin, which can be permanent if used for a prolonged period. 

Sore itchy skin caused by psoriasis and common in many sufferers 

What happened when Debbie began using C60 in Olive Oil? 

Debbie started off with a high 30ml dose of C60 in olive oil each day and then slowly reduced the dose to 15ml a day.

She says she noticed some very positive results from taking C60 within the first 3 days of taking it. She also says the improvements continued but noticed if she stopped taking a regular dosage, the condition would quickly return.

She has since tried olive, avocado and hemp oil versions of C60. She told us she had found hemp oil to be the best for her and that she has been able to reduce her dose to just 5ml a day and even go onto alternative day doses with C60 in hemp oil.

Debbie has tried various types of C60 in oil and said one of the main advantages, apart from the obvious improvement in her skin condition, was that it was a very discreet method of treatment. Unlike the creams and shampoos, which all smelled strongly of tar.

Since taking C60 in oil, Debbie confirmed that her psoriasis condition had significantly improved and she now felt much more confident and a lot happier

"I used to be really self-conscious about my hands, particularly my knuckles as they were covered in white, thickened, dry skin. That's all gone now. I'm so pleased, it's boosted my self-confidence no end."

Debbie Oct 2018

If you suffer from psoriasis or other inflammatory skin condition, why not try C60 in oil and see for yourself how the beneficial properties can absolutely turn your life around.  

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