Top 5 tips to prepare for coronavirus pandemic.

1. Get stocks of prescription medication

If anyone in your family requires prescription medication that they need to maintain good health then we suggest you visit your medical practitioner or pharmacy and get 3 to 6 months stocks.

Many of the ingredients used to make prescription medications come from factories in China which have not been producing since the end of 2019. This will soon impact on the availability of those medicines.

So if you require them to maintain your health or perhaps to keep you alive, ensure you have them available.

2. Regular hand hygiene 

The coronavirus is spread in aerosols and from hand to; mouth, nose and eye contact. To reduce the risk of picking it up from surfaces like; door handles, hand rails, elevator buttons, make sure you use good hand hygiene..

Wash your hands regularly using hot water and soap. Wash them for at least 20 seconds and if you want to get an idea of how long that is sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself twice.

Video of how to wash your hands well

3. Reduce inflammation 

A recent publication in the medical journal, the Lancet, reviewed a group of the first patients in Wuhan, China where the outbreak started. 

Many of them suffered severe complications as a result of the coronavirus infection. The complications occurred when normal regulation of the immune system was lost.

This lead to massive inflammation in the body and in many cases death.

C60 is the most potent antioxidant known and has been shown to reduce inflammation giving the body time to recover and heal. Take C60 in olive oil or other oils regularly to reduce your levels of inflammation and support your body should you contract the coronavirus.

Read more about C60 and coronavirus

4. Keep your car filled with fuel 

As supply lines become broken you may find shortages of essentials and you don't want to be without a means of transport if you have a medical emergency.

Rather than waiting until the fuel tank on your car is empty, keep it topped up every couple of days or if it gets more than half empty. It won't cost you anymore but it just might mean the difference between driving or walking. 

5. Get N95 masks and learn how to fit them 

Face masks are mandatory in some countries when you go out now.

There are lots of different kinds but I suggest an N95 mask if you can get them.

Video of how to fit an N95 respirator mask 

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