Best C60 Olive Oil Prices to USA and Canada

Prices are correct on 9th Feb 2020 has been making C60 in a range of oils in the UK since 2017 and selling it all over the world.

We always use the highest grade C60 which we buy from the two premium raw C60 powder manufacturers in North America; SES Research and Solaris Chem.

Our extra virgin olive oil is tested for authenticity by a laboratory accredited by the International Olive Council.

The brands we have compared our prices with we know produce high grade C60 in a range of oils but we beat all on price, when you compare their best offers.1 WHY?

We keep our overheads low, buy our ingredients in bulk and pass those savings on to our customers.

We use UPS to ship to the US and Canada so you can track your delivery; door to door, even changing the destination in transit. 

NO taxes or duties to pay 

​We have delivered to the USA and Canada and NEVER had anyone report being charged an import tax or duty on deliveries from

Start saving money today

You can buy the same quality C60 and oils that you buy from the best known US producers but you can make great savings when buying from

​* on all orders over of 5 or more bottles of all oils EXCLUDING MCT coconut oil for which it is 7 or more bottles.
On non subscription purchases