Olive Oil could help in Heart Disease

Research shows that olive oil reduce your risk of coronary heart disease and so your chances of a heart attack. Read about the 5 main ways is protects your heart.

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The advantages of taking Carbon 60

Heard of free radicals or oxidative stress?
Free radicals have been implicated in conditions as diverse as aging, sore muscles after exercise (DOMS), arthritis, dementia and heart disease, to name a few.
Oxidative stress is when you're body can't cope with the free radicals you are exposed to.

The good news is there is something you can take that might help protect you against them, help you stay fit, healthier and delay the aging process. This is not science fiction, its scientific fact. You could be taking carbon 60 (C60) in one of our great oils. 

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Antioxidants - can it give eternal youth?

Along with keeping hydrated by drinking plenty of water and getting a good nights sleep what do most dermatologists recommend to keep your skin looking young? 

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