Pick 'n' Mix C60 Oils

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Prices start from £28.75 a bottle

Choose any number and combination of C60 oils. Discounts are available on self selected multi-packs.

Discounts available:
   5% on 3 bottles*
   10% on 4 bottles*
   20% on 8 bottles.*

The discount is applied to your purchase in the shopping cart.

Free shipping with orders over £170.

* Larger bottle numbers needed for discount with combinations including coconut oil.

Buying with Pick 'n' Mix gives you the opportunity to create your own variety pack of C60 oils and still get a discount.

See what our different oils taste like. Here's your chance.
Just search through our C60 oils and choose any number and combination of bottles of oil.
Discounts apply when you purchase 3 or more bottles in the pick and mix section.

Discounted prices appear in the shopping cart

Pick 'n' Mix Selector
Type of Oil Price/Bottle Quantity Subtotals
C60 in virgin hemp oilC60 in Virgin Hemp Oil 100ml of C60 in Hemp Oil
C60 in extra virgin avocado oilC60 in Extra Virgin Avocado Oil 100ml of C60 in Avocado Oil
C60 in extra virgin olive oilC60 in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml of C60 Olive Oil
C60 in coconut oilC60 in Organic MCT Coconut Oil 100ml of C60 in MCT Coconut Oil
C60 in Pumpkin Seed OilC60 in Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil 100ml of C60 in Pumpkin Seed Oil
C60 in black seed oilC60 in Black Seed Oil 100ml of C60 in Black Seed Oil
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