Measuring medicine out of a bottle. C60 each day could keep the doctor awayRoy from Australia asks:   "If I got 3 bottles of C60 in olive oil how much is that and how long would I expect it to last?"


Our answer:

Our bottles of C60 in olive oil are 100ml each, so if you got three that would be 300ml in total. Always check bottle volume you are buying as some other producers ship in 50ml bottles. They may look cheaper but you may not be getting such a bargain.
How long it lasts will depend on how much you take and how often. The suggested adult dose starts at 5ml, so taking that daily the 3 bottles will last 60 days.
You might prefer to take a larger dose, say half a bottle or 50ml, once a week. We know from personal use it can give you a boost after taking it.

You may have heard people talk about "loading up" where they take a larger dose, perhaps 30-50ml daily for 5 days and then revert to the suggested adult dose. You can obviously take more if you wish as C60 does not have any negative effects. We are unaware of anyone accidentally overdosing. If you plan to take higher doses we would recommend buying 5 bottles and taking advantage of the discount and free delivery.