Here are some suggestions of the best ways to take C60 in oil

  • Neat using a spoon or syringe and taking 5 - 7 ml
  • Mixing with fruit juice if you don't like the taste of the oil
  • Added to your favourite smoothie
  • As a dressing on your salad
  • Drizzled onto fresh bread

How much C60 should I take? 

We offer a recommended dose of 5 - 7 ml per day but as there are no known side effect of taking C60 then feel free to experiment and see what benefits it offers you and how quickly you notice them. If you want to work out your own personal C60 dosage then use our C60 Calculator

Best time of day to take C60

This really depends on what suits your routine.

You may prefer to take it as part of your morning routine or just before you go to bed as it improves the quality of your sleep.

Whenever you take it just remember to take it every day to continue to see the benefits.

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