C60 is a new and exciting form of carbon, which has been discovered to have many health and anti-aging benefits. We discuss some of these benefits and the properties of C60 (carbon 60). We have divided this resource into different sub-categories, medical problems C60 has been found or shows promise in helping, mental health and neurological issues, anti-aging potential, the biochemistry of C60, how it could help in fitness and weight loss and lastly what it could do for your pets. See if you could benefit from this amazing and magical form of carbon.

C60 in Exercise and Weight Loss 2

An increasing number of people who perform regular exercise are taking C60. The most common C60 effect reported is more stamina and quicker recovery.

C60 in Anti-aging 1

We are all getting older and cannot stop the passage of time, but now we may be able to take action to slow down the aging process. In a study published in 2012 rats given C60 dissolved in olive oil had almost double the life span of control rats which did not receive the C60. These rat did not just live longer but continued to have the appearance of younger rats, for example their fur did not go grey or fall out. No-one has been taking C60 long enough to know for sure if C60 will extend human life but for sure those not taking definitely will not be around to find out.

C60 for Pets 2

All the experimental work revealing the potential health benefits of C60 has been carried out in animal studies. The evidence is that small mammals like rabbits, mice and rats show positive benefits when given C60 dissolved in olive oil. Additionally there is a host of anecdotal evidence from pet owners that their animals have been helped, particularly with vitality, mobility and joint function. We are currently working on a preparation of C60 in oil which is physiologically more suitable for pets such as cats and dogs. We are currently trialing this.