Dr Steve Moore Chief Scientist explains C60inOliveOilDr Steve Moore, Chief Scientist at C60inOliveOil.com presents the C60 in extra virgin olive oil. In the video you get to see the oil illuminated so we can see its magenta colour. He also talks about some of the ways of accurately measuring your C60inOliveOil which include an ingenious insert and syringe which mean you can accurately measure out the oil and if you should accidentally knock the open bottle over it will not spill.

You can see the video on our YouTube channel 'c60inoliveoil channel', as well as see it here.

coconut olive and avocado oil. Which is best for C60?

Does it matter what oil you take your C60 dissolved in? There are several choices on the market, perhaps you are a bit confused and not sure which if any is the best. Perhaps they are all the same and the choice is simply one based on taste. Some of the oils advertised definitely have recognised health benefits. Perhaps the oil augments the actions of C60 and is more than a simple carrier putting C60 into solution.  This could potentially make the choice of oil a crucial decision. We think this deserves further investigation.

During oxidative stress free radicals are neutralised by antioxidants. C60 is the best antioxidant known to mankindHave you heard of free radicals or oxidative stress?  Maybe not but we think you should before they get the better of you.  Free radicals have been implicated in conditions as diverse as aging, sore muscles after exercise, arthritis, dementia and heart disease, to name but a few.

Good news is on the horizon as there is something you can take that may protect you against them, helping you to keep fitter, healthier and slow down the aging process.  This is not science fiction, this is science fact.  You could be taking carbon 60 (C60) in olive oil today.