5 litre time of Oleo Cazorla Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Commercially available C60 preparations are being sold in a number of oils, principally olive, coconut, avocado, and sunflower oils. Hemp and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oils are recent additions. You may have heard that it does not matter which oil your C60 is dissolved in. That the oil simply dissolves the C60 making it available for absorption by the body but it adds nothing to the 'C60 effect.' We do not think this is necessarily the case. Just because an oil dissolves C60 does not necessarily mean it has no effect.

In the original rat study investigating C60 toxicity, the rats were divided into three groups. One group received plain water, one had extra virgin olive oil and the final group received C60 dissolved in the same olive oil. The experiments showed C60 is nontoxic but surprisingly those rats that received the C60 in olive oil lived almost twice as long as those receiving only water. What often seems to get overlooked is those rats given the extra virgin olive oil without C60 lived 15% longer than the controls receiving only water. The olive oil itself had a beneficial effect, perhaps not as profound as with the C60 but nevertheless still significant.

So there is proof that extra virgin olive oil has beneficial effects in its own right and with C60, it significantly increases the lifespan. The same rigorous research has not been done on any other oils. Our own research has shown in subjects sensitive to the dose of C60 the beneficial effects of C60 in olive oil and avocado oil when taken over several weeks were indistinguishable. We are carrying out further research on other oils to see if they have comparable effects to olive oil.

Extra virgin olive oil has a strong taste which is not to everyone's liking but people do not take it because it tastes good, they take it with the expectation it will do them good. Avocado oil has a much blander taste and is tolerated better. It is more expensive but for those who find the taste or action of olive to strong, our research suggests it is a suitable alternative.

In popular culture, it is recognised that the Mediterranean diet, which contains significant amounts of olive oil, has health benefits including prolonging life. Extra virgin olive oil contains a large number of natural chemicals called polyphenols. These are what give some olive oils a strong peppery/ chili taste. C60 binds to the fatty acid portion of the lipid component of the olive oil to form lipofullerenes. These are 'adducts', which are a combination of the C60 and fatty acid molecules. They are considered to be a distinct molecular species. It could well be these are what achieve the benefits seen and it is a combined effect rather than simply due to C60.

When confronted with C60 in different oils some people will opt for those that taste better or at least do not have a strong taste. Certainly users should try different C60 oils for themselves to see which suits them best. Our research suggests avocado had indistinguishable effects in over several weeks of trials, so for those who prefer a milder oil, avocado oil appears to be an option. We will be looking at the oils in more detail and will introduce them when we can see proven benefits.