happy easter dogAnimal lovers have found that C60 has helped their pets, giving them a new lease of life and relieving some of the signs of aging. An increasing number of people give their pets C60 in olive oil resulting in them being more active and happier. The benefits in the animals are often more profound and of quicker in onset than in humans.

In this article we will cover some of the scientific evidence for the potential benefits in our pets as well as reports from pet owners who have tried C60 in olive oil out. In a future article we will take a look at doses of C60 in different animals which takes into account their size and metabolic rate. In addition we will put some of the comments and links from the Longecity.org forum where members have written about beloved pets who were literally 'on their last legs' were given a new lease of life as well as having some of their ailments improved.  From what we have seen and the feedback we get from C60inoliveoil buyers there is great promise in the area of pet C60.