Tess, a 14-year-old English Springer Spaniel, had had her life badly affected by arthritis. She had previously been a fit and active dog until her owner noticed that on long walks Tess started to limp. They could not understand what was wrong and so took her to the vet who said it was arthritis starting. Tess was prescribed Loxicom for this. Loxicom is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) commonly used in dogs for the relief of pain and inflammation in the joints caused by arthritis.

Bev says this medication helped Tess who was again able to go out on active walks without any side effects. They altered the dosage of her medication depending on how active Tess was, so they increased her dose when she was taken on longer walks. The intention was that Tess would have to take this medication for the rest of her life. Until starting C60 Tess had been taking it for over 2 years.

Bev was offered the chance to see if C60 would help Tess and was initially given C60 in olive oil. The oil was put on her food to encourage her to take it. Tess does not like the taste and would eat her food around the spot where the oil was before finishing her food off. Cooper the black and white Springer Spaniel seen with Tess in the video belongs to Steve and has been given C60 in olive oil since a few weeks old. Cooper does not know any different and just gobbles his food down. He will even lap up neat C60 olive oil if it is put in his bowl.

Bev says that within a couple of weeks of starting C60 in olive oil she noticed improvements in Tess and they were able to stop her medication. Tess appears to be better than she was when on her prescribed medication. Bev says that if Tess has been resting on her bed and then gets up her movements are freer. To us this indicates she has less stiffness after inactivity. Stiffness and stiffness which worsens with inactivity is a feature of arthritis. Tess can now run more freely and is even running ahead in a walk which she had not been able to do for at least 2 years. Bev says her dog is able exercise more when she is out with no negative effects afterwards.

Bev has been giving Tess half a teaspoon in her food each day. We gave Bev some C60 in cod liver oil to see how her dog was with that. At the time of making the video she had only just started to give it to Tess. We have spoken to Bev since and she says the Tess takes this better than the olive oil and it is working just as well. Our thoughts are that as dogs eat meat they will take cod liver oil much better than olive oil and their digestive systems are better adapted to this. Indeed vets often recommend giving pets and domestic animals doses of cod liver oil.

What is particularly pleasing is that Tess is now able to jump up and stand on her hind legs, something she has not been able to do for a long time. Bev has already started recommending C60 to her friends and is really pleased at the positive effects it has brought to her dog's life.