Dog telling humans to stop stealing his c60 Clearly most people are interested in the beneficial effects of C60 to themselves and their families but let's not forget our pets and other animals. There is evidence C60 can and does help them as well.

In the now famous Baati study [1] Wistar rats were given C60 dissolved in extra virgin olive oil. These rats not only lived almost twice as long as the control rats which received water instead but they C60 rats remained younger in appearance, their internal organs were youthful, none of them developed tumours (which the control rats all did) and they were protected against the effects of the toxic solvent carbon tetrachloride.  

In an earlier study[2]  involving mice, those given treatment with a C60 derivative 'not only reduced age-associated oxidative stress and mitochondrial radical production, but significantly extended lifespan. Treated mice also exhibited improved performance on the Morris water maze learning and memory task.' So here we see benefits to longevity and improvement in memory in the mice.

In another study involving rats a C60 derivative was found to 'reduced synovitis and alleviated bone resorption and destruction in the joints' where arthritis was induced in the ankle joints in a way that bears close resemblance to rheumatoid arthritis. [3]. The authors of the study felt '[Their] findings indicate that C60 is a potential therapeutic agent for inhibition of arthritis.' In a study involving rabbits that simulated osteoarthritis, C60 was found to slow the arthritic process and even cause some regeneration to occur.

Reports by users of C60

 Often animals develop arthritis as they get older and this makes them limp, gives them pain and stops them enjoying life. One of our first customers bought some C60 for her dog which was showing its age. She very quickly found it had more energy, more more lively and active.

Some of the longest users on C60 are to be found on the forum. Some have used C60 on their own pets with benefit, so we think it would be helpful to hear some of the comments. These are anecdotal - these are individuals would so an their own pet or a pet of a relative suffering and wanted to give them a chance of a happier life. reports

Here a member (Junk Master)of Longecity describes how his 8-year-old Retriever dog was which when in the field as a shooting dog would by the end of the day be so exhausted he would have to be lifted into the car, could not climb a few steps at home and would take several days to recover. With a 3mg dose of C60 in olive oil he has recovered by the next day.Doses were at least 2 weeks apart and 'After each dose he showed....increased recuperative powers, and increased energy.'

In the same thread long time Longecity member, Turnbuckle describes how occasional doses of 0.18mg/kg C60 in olive oil enabled his two dogs to be able to jump in the car without assistance. Logic gave his sister's dog a teaspoon of C60 solution and 'there seem[ed] to have been an increase in energy and activity.'

Aribadabar put that he gave a friend some C60 solution. The friend's 13-year-old Cocker Spaniel dog was frail and limping. He saw the dog was 'barely walking' and looked 'tired and sickly.' He says he suggested giving the dog 5ml for 3 days (a loading dose) and then 5ml every two weeks as a maintenance dose. He says his friend reported improvement by day 3 of treatment. That 'the dog is markedly more active, lively and "smiling" (he said Lucky has not "smiled" for years). Lucky is now going back and forth around the house, happily wagging his tail. He is now also able to climb stairs - a task unthinkable prior to the C60 intake.'

'There are reports that cats have been helped with C60. There is no particular reason to think other mammals will not be helped. We are encouraged by what we have seen and heard especially the speed with which many animals respond.


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