Matt who has rheumatoid arthritis explains his experiences of taking C60Dr Steve Moore, the Chief Scientist at interviews Matt who has been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for a number of years. Matt agreed to take part in a trial of C60 in olive oil to see if and how it affected his condition. He was not paid to take part in the trial or this interview but he was provided C60 in olive oil at no cost to him. We hear from Matt first hand how rheumatoid arthritis has affected him and how taking C60 has changed his life and his outlook on the future.

You can see the video on our YouTube channel 'c60inoliveoil channel', as well as see it here.

Olive Oil for a Heart HealthyHeart disease is a modern plague which is taking a massive toll in lives and the joy of living. So many people are taking medication as well as following the 'recommended diet' and yet this blight on humanity continues relentlessly. Clearly something is not right, indeed something is very wrong.

One of the main areas of interest in helping people achieve a common goal of living longer and living better is diet. We believe that the olive oil in C60inOliveOil is a vital component, that C60 and olive oil work together to bring benefits. A Spanish study published in 2012 which ran for 5 years and involved over 40 000 people concluded, "Olive oil was associated with a decreased risk of overall mortality and an important reduction in CVD (Coronary Vascular Disease) mortality in this large Mediterranean cohort. This provides further evidence on the beneficial effects of one of the key Mediterranean dietary components." (1). Olive oil is the only oil proven work with C60 is producing longevity.