C60 has helped people achieve more in every level of exercise, even high end crossfitC60 has helped people achieve more in every level of exercise, even high end crossfitEric from London asks:   "I’m a CrossFitter and want to know what will C60 do for my performance?"


Our answer:

There are many reports from those taking C60 who are involved in sports and training who have noticed improvement in their performance. The most consistent finding is that they have more stamina and quicker recovery following exercise.

So Eric, before I fully answer your question, I’ll give a simple explanation of respiration and for those who have not heard of CrossFit it is constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity, which means you are working your body really hard to produce the energy it needs.

Respiration is the body’s equivalent of what goes on in a power station and it takes place in tiny structures inside our cells called mitochondria. Like power stations they need a source of fuel and they produce waste and carbon dioxide as emissions. For us, these waste products include free radicals which if they are allowed to build up cause oxidative stress in our bodies. You can read more about this in the benefits of taking c60 information article.

Having said all that let's answer your question. Doing CrossFit will burn a lot of energy and produce loads of free radicals. Depending on your age your body will have varying degrees of success in neutralising the free radicals. Antioxidants can neutralise these increasing levels and that’s why we are all encouraged to eat healthy food, but whatever we do, free radicals will overwhelm our bodies. You’ll have experienced DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) or not being able to lift as heavy as you used to. So this is where C60 comes in. It is the most powerful antioxidant know to science and if taken constantly will flush out those free radicals and give you the recovery capacity you would have been capable of when you were younger. You should see your endurance and strength increase, it will be a gradual increase as your body will need time using C60 to remove the build-up of accumulated free radicals.

From my own experience and speaking to others taking C60 you should see yourself lifting heavier, reducing your times on Murph, Cindy, Helen etc and getting more rounds in on your AMRAPS (as many reps as possible). There’s nothing out there that will give you the same performance improvements. However, if you can’t do double unders you still won't be able to after taking C60, sorry.