Measuring medicine out of a bottle. C60 each day could keep the doctor awayPeter from Chichester, United Kingdom asks:   "I have seen different doses of C60 recommended. I am still not sure how much to take."


Our answer:

Thanks for the question Peter. Probably our most popular question is 'how much C60 should I take?'
Our bottles carry a recommended daily dose of 5-7ml. This is how much C60 oil we consider most people need to take to maintain the C60 in their body at an effective level. However, your journey to get to the point where that much oil has the desired effects is a very personal one. We have dealt with a lot of people with whom we have actual personal contact, so we speak from face-to-face experience on how much people actually take, why they take C60, what the effects are and how quickly they were helped. We actually find that most people find what is right for them by a process of experimentation.
You could take the standard maintenance dose right from the start and see some quite dramatic effects very quickly. I can think of people who have dermatitis and psoriatic rashes who noticed positive benefits within days; almost from the first dose. For most people there are gradual changes over the course of several weeks. Some changes may be so gradual that you hardly notice they have taken place.
From my own experience I had been involved in a car accident over 20 years ago. Nothing bad but I had pain with my left shoulder and neck which I just could not get rid of. I had physiotherapy along the way but it was always there in the background. It was something I had come to accept it would always be that way. After starting taking C60 I only noticed it had resolved when I reached behind me to get something and suddenly thought, I have not been able to do that for years, how long have I been able to do that?
For some people the standard dose is not enough to notice any benefits. If you have seen the interview with Matt who has rheumatoid arthritis he did not notice any positive effects on the standard dose, so after a month he boosted his dose and loaded up. So if you want to kick start your C60 journey off then you could 'load up' your system with C60 by taking higher doses to begin with. Depending on your age and the conditions that your body has developed you might find the effects will be more noticeable sooner.

To load-up we recommend:
7 days at 20ml
7 days at 15ml
7 days 10ml
Then an on going dose of 5-7ml

We also recommend a degree of caution if you are not accustomed to taking oil in this sort of quantity, especially olive oil. This can make some people's bowels looser for a while. So we advise to start slowly with a few millilitres and if you are alright with that gradually increase to 5 and then 10ml a day over a week. Once you are sure your system has accommodated to the oil, you can then go for the larger loading up doses. From our experience this does not affect everyone and it mainly concerns olive oil.

So take one teaspoon (5ml) in the early evening when you are not going to be going out. The next evening take 2 teaspoons again when you are not going to be out. If you don't find the oil has a laxative effect then you should be able to take the dose up to the 20ml. If it does go through you then gradually increase the dose over 3 or 4 days. Your body will get used to it.
The loading up should be enough to rid your body of the free radicals that are preventing it from repairing itself and reduce the inflammation that contributes to the ailments and auto-immune conditions that many of us are affect by.