Questions and Answers about C60

Ask us your questions and we will endevour to give you the answerWe are often asked questions about C60, C60 products and the research findings around C60. We find we get asked many of the same general questions or hear people make comments which are not quite right. This is a new field and things are changing pretty fast. A lot of new people are hearing about C60 and its potential benefits for the first time. With that in mind we decided to create a section where we can post answers some of the common questions and so potentially help people find their way around this exciting new field of science.

We will gradually be posting new questions and answers but in the meantime perhaps you have a question you would like dealt with. We are happy to deal with your questions, we do not always have the answer (perhaps no-one does) but if your question might one other people have then perhaps your question could end up getting posted here. So ask away through the contact page on the site.



You can last even longer than grandma's oven by taking C60Brian from Seattle asks:   "I have read on a number of websites that some of the guys making C60 oil put their C60 in an oven to increase the strength.

Does this work?

What is going on?"

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