SealSafe® Bottle Adapters and Syringe

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Two SealSafe® bottle adapters with 10ml oral syringe to dispense C60.

Free shipping on purchase with C60 in oil.

These SealSafe® inserts fit perfectly into the neck of our bottles of C60 in oil. There is a valve in the insert which opens as the oral syringe is inserted and then immediately closes when it is removed. This allows you to accurately draw off the C60 into the 10ml oral syringe without mess, spills or waste, even if the bottle is knocked over. It also makes a bottle of oil child resistant even when the top is left off.

The inserts and syringes can be reused, simply lever the insert out of the empty bottle and push into the next. Best of all the bottle cap screws down normally whilst the insert is in place so no need to remove between doses.

Two SealSafe® 28mm plastic bottle neck inserts supplied with compatible 10ml syringe. These inserts have a valve which opens as the dispensing syringe is pushed in which closes as soon as the syringe is removed. Inserts designed to fit all the C60 in oil bottles. Paragon oral use only syringe graduated in 0.5ml measurements. Inserts and syringe reusable.

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