Black seed oil is extracted from seeds of the Nigella sativa plant, an annual flowering plant native to the eastern Mediterranean, North Africa, parts of India and Asia. For centuries the seeds have been used in the preparation of herbal medicines and as a spice in cooking. We source only the highest quality cold pressed black seed oil for our C60 in Black Seed Oil products. This is why we use organic Egyptian black seed oil.
Our black seed oil comes in filtered and unfiltered versions. When black seeds are milled small fragments of black seed is found in the oil. This gives the oil a black appearance and a slightly different taste to the filtered version. The advantage of unfiltered oil is that most of the goodness from the black seeds is left in the oil so nutrients are found including a higher thymoquinone level.  

The only other vital ingredient of our superior quality oils is Carbon 60, which is classed as research grade, solvent free and 99.99% pure.

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C60 in Black Seed Oil

100ml bottle of C60 in blackseed oil - Discounts on 3 or more bottles
C60 in Black Seed Oil
4 pack of 100ml bottles of C60 in black seed oil
C60 in Black Seed Oil
8 pack of 100ml bottles of C60 in black seed oil
C60 in Black Seed Oil