C60 in Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil

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100ml bottles of 99.99% pure C60 in pumpkin seed oil plus measuring spoon.

Discounts on 3 or more bottles. Bigger discounts on 4 or more.

Currently there is a worldwide shortage of C60 for manufacturing C60 in oil. We are currently using the very highest purity 99.99% pure C60, which although this purity is not essential this is all that available at the moment. As a result our costs have gone up significantly.

Carbon 60 (short form C60) is a form of carbon molecule made up of sixty carbon atoms all joined up together in a spherical structure that resembles a football. It occurs naturally and its beneficial properties appear to have been first recognised in shungite, a carbon based mineral substance which gets its name from the village of Shunga in Russia. Fullerenes are also found in small amounts in soot, charcoal or other carbon based ash. These fullerenes have been used to purify water and remove toxins.

C60 acts as an anti-oxidant and has been found to bind other substances to it. Its beneficial properties are thought at least in part to be due to its ability to bind free radicals which damage body tissues and promote aging.

C60 is almost insoluble in water but has a low solubility in hemp oil and other vegetable oils. When it is dissolved in hemp oil the body is able to absorb the C60. The beneficial effects noticed with C60 in hemp oil may, in part, be due to substances such as polyphenols in the hemp oil itself.

There are many claims about the beneficial properties from taking C60. The original study using rats found that giving them C60 in olive oil increased their life expectancy by 90% more than the norm. No control trials have been carried out in humans but those taking C60 in hemp, avocado and olive oil say they have noticed more stamina, better recovery after exercise and more vitality. There are also claims that thinking is clearer. Other claims include grey hair growing back the previous colour, wrinkles reducing, weight loss and even hair regrowing where there was baldness.

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