kefirSome people take the oil on its own whilst others take it with food. We know of some who take their C60 in dairy products, for example kefir, whilst others who claim it is beneficial to take with apple. We are researching the basis of these claims but we have certainly found a smoothie based on kefir including an apple is a palatable way to take our daily dose.

C60 dissolved in oil tastes of the oil. Some people are not very keen on the taste of a particular oil. Extra virgin olive oil has quite a peppery taste which some find quite strong. You can take C60 with a range of foods and drinks but we recommend taking it with kefir for several good reasons.Kefir is type of fermented milk which has a taste similar of plain natural yoghurt. So this a good choice to tone down the oil's taste and have extra benefits as well.

Firstly, it’s the number of beneficial bacteria and yeast found in kefir that supplement your own gut flora that makes it such a great drink. Most commercially available probiotic drinks only contain 2 or 3 different strains of bacteria while kefir has over 20 different species of bacteria and yeast.

Secondly, the extra virgin olive oil we dissolve the C60 in contains polyphenols, which are a fantastic antioxidant, but that only part of the reason. One of these polyphenols, oleuropein, is converted by bacteria in kefir to hydroxytyrosol. Research shows that hydroxytyrosol has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in the body and protects low-density lipoproteins from oxidation which we have already reported as being a significant factor in reducing heart disease and other diseases. Heart Disease. We have read accounts of people increasing the levels of hydroxytyrosol in the olive oil containing C60 and experiencing boosts in performance and we think that deserves further research that we are undertaking.

Another reason is some people find the taste of 'proper' extra virgin olive oil is rather strong. To some people it has a strong chilli /peppery taste which can tickle the back of your throat and make you cough. Putting a dose of C60 in oil on the top of a kefir shake and drinking them together stops this happening.

If you have a problem with cow’s milk, this could be due to a lactose intolerance. A surprisingly high percentage of the population suffer varying degrees of lactose intolerance, with some races 90% have an intolerance. Kefir already has a lot of the lactose broken down into glucose and galactose which are more easily metabolised. In fact, some commercially available kefirs claim to be up to 99% lactose-free. However, if you’d prefer not to use cow’s milk you can buy kefir made from things like coconut milk and almond milk or you can make it yourself from other forms of milk.

When you find a version of kefir that works for you then go one stage further and make a smoothie from C60 in olive oil, kefir and apples or bananas. Of course, you can put anything in a smoothie but bananas and more so apples produce hydrogen gas during digestion in your stomach. Hydrogen is another antioxidant and can bind to the C60 which once inside your cells and, perhaps, more importantly, your mitochondria, is able to neutralise free radicals thereby reducing oxidative stress. The Benefits of taking C60.

So a C60 in olive oil, kefir, and apple smoothie will give you antioxidants from the C60, the olive oil, and the hydrogen. Where else could you get that combination of antioxidants?

Here Dr Steve shows you some of the ways he takes his C60, including kefir.