If you don't like the taste of the oil C60 is dissolved in take it in a smoothieMavis from Birmingham, UK asks:   "What does the C60 in olive oil taste of?

Could I take it with something else if I don't like the taste and might that stop it working? 


Our answer:

C60 in whatever oil it is dissolved in tastes of that oil. We have tried C60 in several different oils and from our own experience we can say C60 does not change the taste of the oil; C60 itself does not taste of anything.
C60 in olive oil is quite strong tasting. Real extra virgin olive oil has a peppery almost chilli taste to it. This is because it contains a lot of polyphenols. Polyphenols are what gives olive oil its taste and the more polyphenols, the stronger the taste. We see this as a good sign. Over time the amount of polyphenols in olive oil diminishes so a strong taste is something to look for. C60 avocado oil is a much milder smoother taste. Coconut C60 has unsurprisingly a mild coconut taste. Hemp C60 is stronger than coconut and avocado but not a potent as extra virgin olive oil. It as an earthy taste with a nutty taste at the end.
Might you not like the taste? Well it depends on the oil you try. It is possible you do not like one of the tastes. Olive oil is not our favourite but a quick gulp and it is gone. You get used to it.
Can you take the C60 oil with something else? Certainly you can. We take ours with kefir. We make a kefir smoothie, measure it out in a syringe and squirt it on the top of the smoothie. You can drink the top of the smoothie with the oil and it is gone. It does not stop the C60 working and indeed some foods appear to make the C60 work better as indeed do some polyphenols.
If you wanted to know before hand what the taste was like you should get hold of some fresh good quality extra virgin olive oil or any of the other oils before hand. In the case of extra virgin olive oil you will know it is the real thing if you get a strong peppery taste, it is almost like a shot of chilli on the back of your throat.