Closeup of C60 moleculesCloseup of C60 molecules   Olive oil is rich in natural antioxidantsOlive oil is rich in natural antioxidants


The C60 molecule is a remarkable structure made up of 60 carbon atoms bonded together to form a hollow ball structure of hexagons and pentagons, resembling a soccer ball and is why it was given the name buckminsterfullerene after the American architect Buckminster Fuller who designed domes with this same arrangement of shapes due to their immense strength.

There are more carbon molecules with similar structures and they are collectively called fullerenes. 

C60 as a supplement

Carbon C60 is insoluble in water and is slightly soluble in edible oils. Our investigations have shown that the longer the fatty acid chain length of the oil the higher the solubility. This explains why coconut oil, which contain a higher percentage of medium chain fatty acids (MCT), will dissolve a lower percentage of C60. Dissolving C60 in an oil like olive oil can take up to 2 weeks of continuous stirring using a magnetic stirrer. When carbon 60 is dissolved in olive oil it has been shown to have some remarkable properties.

C60 rat study

"Our results show that while olive oil treatment can lead to an increase of 18% of lifespan of treated rats, C60-olive oil can increase it up to 90%, as compared to controls. The effects of olive-oil on health and ageing are well known, and its effect as a function of dose has been thoroughly discussed. But, what is noteworthy is that at M38 [month 38] all C60-treated rats were still alive. Thus, based on previous investigations, C60 should be the most efficient ever material for extending lifespan."

by Baati et al

In 2012 a remarkable study was published that showed the life span of rats could be extended by taking carbon C60 in olive oil.

The scientists took three groups of male Wistar rats and fed them different diets;

​Group 1 ​Group 2 ​Group 3
​Food and water ​Food and water plus olive oil ​Food and water plus C60 dissolved in olive oil

What this research showed has shocked the science world.

Group 1 had the normal life span of a Wistar lab rat, Group 2's life span increased 18% compared to the norm and the rats in Group 3 lived for 90% longer. So taking C60 in olive oil was proven to almost doubling their life.

​Group 1 ​Group 2 ​Group 3
33 months ​18% longer than Group 1 90% longer than Group 1

C60 in olive oil 

Carbon C60 is a black crystalline powder. You may have read that all C60 oil is purple but that is not the case. C60 dissolved in olive oil for example changes the colour of the oil to a deep ruby red colour. In our experience the only C60 oil solution that is purple is coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil. 

Benefits of carbon 60 

Here are some of the reported conditions that scientists and users of C60 in olive oil have reported benefits in. Read or watch our interviews with people like you who have found relief using C60.

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